[mythtv-users] British vs. American English (was MythTV requires a better name)

Christopher X. Candreva chris at westnet.com
Sat Sep 22 03:55:16 UTC 2007

On Fri, 21 Sep 2007, Scott Alfter wrote:

> > You probably live in New York. That's the only place I've observed that
> > behavior. People seem to think the right lane is the "beginner's lane"
> > and don't want to get caught in it.
> Could also be California...they seem to pick their lanes at random.  I used to 

Or any place with actual traffic.  Calling the left lane the "passing lane" 
assumes that normall traffic will fit in all but the left lane. When you 
have enough traffic to fill N+1 lanes on an N lane highway -- you are going 
to have people driving in the left lane.

Or, as I said to the instructor at the end of a Defensive Driving  course: 
"How does any of this apply to the Cross Bronx Expressway ?" [1]


1) If you've never driven it -- it's an experience. Imagine driving 60mph in 
3 lanes of bumper to bumper traffic, and just being thankfull that you're 

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