[mythtv-users] On the verge of giving up

lionel dybowski lionel.dybowski at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 22:09:03 UTC 2007

yep. And without fear. We are not talking about sensitive data here, 
just about some form of media center. What we want (I mean by "we" 
common people like me who are not fully computer litterate) is something 
easy to setup, maintain and administer. Like many of us, we are sick of 
licences on software (and sick of licences generally). We want to 
promote linux, and I still will. It is a political matter. But 
unfortunattely, despite the efforts of knoppix, ubuntu and others, Linux 
remains for the computer litterate (unless you are just doing word 
processing mail and web browsing)....I do not like command line and I am 
proud about it!

Not trying to kill the effort, I am on your side! but linux devellopers 
have to push further towards common people like me who want to do a 
little more with their boxes, like build a media center... without 
having to learn the ins and outs of a computer.. winXXX strengh has been 
to bring computers to people like me, and this why more than 90% of 
computers are winxxx based. However, these guys are now making too much 
money on our back, so we need a serious competitor!

Keep up the good work and don't forget us.

lionel.dybowski at gmail.com

Yann Lehmann wrote:
> lionel dybowski wrote:
>> Went back to expensive os named by a reference to an house opening to 
>> the outside, you know, lik winXXXX. Tested Sesame TV. All was set within 
>> 2 hours.... timeshift, recorder, xml grabber, videos, music, internet 
>> radio, dvd and link to external programs. Remote setup was a matter of 
>> copy and paste directly from mozila to remote.ini...
> Is all that still working and usable *without* administrator's rights ?
> (not starting a flamewar, just interested)
> Yann
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