[mythtv-users] SD has reached the $20 per year goal!

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Fri Sep 21 20:21:57 UTC 2007

MythTV wrote:
> Garry Cook wrote:
>> Hmmm... I just signed up the other day. Guess I should have waited. No 
>> worries, what's $10 over the course of a year... I've been really 
>> happy with SD so far, and the fact that it's getting cheaper is great!
> Go look at your account.  They extended the time for people who already 
> paid.  You didn't miss out on anything.

And folks, that's what I call really cool.

I signed up for $15/3 months.  I fully expected to pay more then that 
ran out.  Now I have a 9 month subscription.

Thank you folks at SD.  You stand above most in your ethics.


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