[mythtv-users] Multi tuner setup - a few questions

flo flo at flobittner.de
Fri Sep 21 16:02:36 UTC 2007

I extended my mythtv setup (1 backend with 2 tuners plus 2 frontends) with 
another 2 frontends for my parents and my brother. at this point the trouble 

1. If someone is watching live tv and a recording begins on that tuner and the 
other one is free, in my oppinion it should 1. move the recording to a free 
tuner or 2. give the option to change tuner. Are there plans to change this?

It's very hard to explain them why they should go to the menu and try it 
again. Btw. what tuner is used for live tv? the one with the longest time 
without a recording?

2. If i need more tuners, especially for live tv, i can add another backend, 
but this consumes power all the day. my idea was to put a card in a frontend 
and mark this card only for use with live tv and this frontend. But i didn't 
find information on how to do this. Is this possible right now? If not, it 
could be a useful feature for the next releases. It could be done like ACL: 
which tuner can be used for recordings and/or live tv and by which frontend.


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