[mythtv-users] Make channel be recorded with Firewire instead of Analog

Daniel Arfsten darfsten at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 21 12:45:05 UTC 2007

I have a sa3250hd hooked up via firewire. I can't get channel changing to 
work and hopefully Allan Wilson will help me with this sooner or later but 
for now, I just want to leave my cable box at channel 4 and have mythtv 
record from it. How exactly do I get it so that when I schedule a recording, 
I ensure that the firewire input is being used instead of the pvr-350? I 
think the problem is that if I tell mythfrontend to record channel 4, 
despite me chosing "prefer firewire" the problem is that firewire may be 
trying to change the channel but can't so then it fails and just uses the 
analog input? How do I get it so that the firewire shoudn't change the 
channel and just record whatever is being fed from the stb? I think it's 
kind of like what I will want to do with mny pvr-350 using the s-video 
input, I will want the pvr-350 to just stay at channel 3 or whatnot and have 
it record what is being fed into the s-video. I can actually watch whatever 
channel the STB is set to through myth frontend if I hit the "Y" button to 
change the input so I know that the video and audio is getting thru the 
firewire cable. Any thoughts?


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