[mythtv-users] SD has reached the $20 per year goal!

Daniel Arfsten darfsten at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 21 12:34:05 UTC 2007

Sweet!!!! I knew we would all support this. To all those who can't stop 
complaining about this being a pay service, we've heard you and enough is 
enough! For those who feel that the mythtv devs are only out to make a buck 
and screw us, why in the world would they then have lowered the price down 
to what they said they would after gaining enough subscribers. If they 
truely wanted to make a buck they could have just left it at $5/month and 
just told us they don't have enough subscribers to make the price any lower 
BUT they haven't done that! For those who want to do illegal screen 
scraping, go for it but just leave the crap off the mailing list. Thanks


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