[mythtv-users] scan converter review (VideoHome MovieShow bought on Ebay) alt PVR-350 TV Out solution

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Fri Sep 21 10:07:07 UTC 2007

Mike wrote:
> The only negative is that the min resolution is 800x600 so when the
> machine is booting things look garbled at 640x480 but you can still
> see the text - it is just doubled/overlapped so it looks strange.  I
> read other posts on this mailing list about people going to an nVidia
> 5200 AGP card but I have a smaller cube type box and didn't really
> want to add more cards in an already tight box that could use more
> airflow not less.
You should be able to fix that with a magic number on the boot line. Not able to 
check just now what those might be, but someone else here may be able to help 

Mike Perkins

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