[mythtv-users] On the verge of giving up

lionel dybowski lionel.dybowski at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 22:00:23 UTC 2007

great topic, thanks.

Mythtv sounded good to me at first:
- linux based system
- GNU licence. So I can have a pc running a legal os and program at no 
cost but the hardware.
- ligth environement: Tested mythtv though knoppmyth on an old P666. 
Movies were fluid, just perfect.

So I decided to build a real PVR. I choosed hardware carefully and 
installed through knopmyth in no time.

But there I was: TV out was not working. All attempts on xorg.conf did 
not give me any result.
Went on to ubuntu 7.04. Mythtv installed and started after I wasted 
hours getting mysql setup properly to get the databases woking. Tv out 
worked first time, network shares were ok. But then it would not 
recognise my tv usb stick...

Went back to expensive os named by a reference to an house opening to 
the outside, you know, lik winXXXX. Tested Sesame TV. All was set within 
2 hours.... timeshift, recorder, xml grabber, videos, music, internet 
radio, dvd and link to external programs. Remote setup was a matter of 
copy and maste directly from mozila to remote.ini...

It is a shame that linux systems are still so diffuclt to set when it 
comes to tricky hardware issues. Software installation is still too 
difficult for common people, because of dependencies, complex software 
architecture, repositories availability.

Linux is and will always remain for the computer litterate people. No 
matter how sick we are of that thing named winXXXX..... , it does make 
our life easyer that the promising linux based systems...

lionel.dybowski at gmail.com

Damian wrote:
> Thanks for that tip.
> I had more success with the Ubuntu community pages than with the 
> parker1.co.uk site. His looks very good, but doesn't seem to work out so 
> well for me. Maybe it assumes a little more Linux knowledge than it 
> thinks it does?
> Having said that, I have used the parker1 (after setting up the basics 
> following the ubuntu community pages) to set up the remote, channel 
> icons and radio times listings.
> Unfortunately, only the channel icons out of those three works for me at 
> the moment :-) Remote and Radio times are broken.
> Damian
> Paul wrote:
>> I was in the same boat, just go to parker1.co.uk and follow his guide, I
>> have a very stable system apart from the EIT guide data.
>> Paul.
>> On Tue, 2007-09-18 at 10:47 +0100, Damian wrote:
>>> I was almost at the end of my MythTV project the other day. It's just 
>>> too temperamental for me. To many things still yet to do on it and each 
>>> time I try to sort something, something else breaks. And in amongst that 
>>> I've got random crashes and random inability to watch anything but a 
>>> blank or scrambled screen. Followed by myth behaving perfectly for a 
>>> week before it all crumbles again without me touching anything.
>>> It's a shame, but on Sunday I even thought of just buying Windows media 
>>> centre and having done with it!
>>> I've pulled myself together since then.
>>> I simply don't have time to put such effort into a system. Something has 
>>> got to change or I'll just buy a Freeview box or something.
>>> I've gone back to basics however. Someone's due to be coming this 
>>> afternoon to check my signal. Once I know that's ok we can move on from 
>>> there with baby steps. If he says that the signal is perfect, then I'll 
>>> probably format and try Mythbuntu and if that gives me the same trouble 
>>> then I think I'm out of her. In the past I'd have loved to spend day 
>>> after day learning more and more about Linux and tweaking Myth. these 
>>> days, with a demanding job, 3 kids (one of which is just a month old) 
>>> there's just no time for a system that needs so much attention and 
>>> demands the user to learn so much just to get it to work half ok.
>>> Here's hoping that the ariel guy tells me that my signal is rubbish so 
>>> that my system is not totally to blame for all of the problems!
>>> Damian
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