[mythtv-users] LiveTV and Playback Problem

Dan Mize dan.mize at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 20:17:46 UTC 2007

Well I will try to change the version of the driver and see what that does
for me, also the videos in the video section look bad too, I previously
wrote they were fine but on closer inspection, Nope!

I'll let you know if that makes a difference, if not any other ideas?

*Re: LiveTV and Playback Problem* [In reply

 On 09/19/2007 06:06 PM, Dan Mize wrote:
> I'm going through the upgrade process and for the most part things are
> going well.
> Background info:
> Upgrading from mythtv .20 in ubuntu dapper to ubuntu feisty latest version

> using an ati 9800 pro for tv out and it worked great before, and seems
> to be working great now.
> tuner is a hauppage pvr 250
> when I goto live tv and when watching previously (from before upgrade
> or even after upgrade) recordings the video looks to be a very low
> resolution and it even cuts off about 1/2 of the video at the bottom
> of the tv.
> the mythtv screens seem fine (they all fit on the screen), even if I
> go watch a video in the video section (divx or a dvd iso) it looks
> fine on the screen. Any ideas would really be great it's been down
> since sunday night and the GAF is not looking good now.
> So far I'm liking the Schedules Direct and I don't mind paying for it
> either. I just can't watch any tv for the moment.

Isn't there a broken scaler in some versions of the ATI proprietary driver?
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