[mythtv-users] Advice Requested re LCD TV's

Jacob Steenhagen jacob at steenhagen.us
Thu Sep 20 15:52:06 UTC 2007

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On 9/19/07, Jack Madison wrote:
> After much research and talking with the sales guy I went with a 32"
> vizio.  I would have gone with the 37", but 32" is as big as I can fit
> where it is.  So far I am very impressed and glad I went with that one.
> It also has all the inputs I would want, including VGA which was a
> requirement of mine.

I've considered buying one of those Vizio TVs. Did you get the one with the
black speakers or the gray? Not to stray too far offtopic, but how does it
do with SD television (I currently have 0 HD sources)? Or movies with dark
pictures? Probably the only reason my wife and I didn't go out and get one
is because we started looking at the specs and it had a really low contrast
ratio. It seems like there was one other thing that made us stand back and
go "maybe not," but I don't remember what it was.
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