[mythtv-users] koolu frontend

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Thu Sep 20 13:32:16 UTC 2007

Bert Van Kets napsal(a):
> James Orr wrote:
>> I'm thinking about separating my backend from my frontend.  They are 
>> currently combined, but it gets a little noisy sometimes.
>> I found this as a possible frontend ... http://www.koolu.com/ 
>> <http://www.koolu.com/>
>> I searched the list and was quite surprised not to get any hits as it 
>> even has a mythtv frontend running in the product demo video.
>> Obviously this box won't have the horse-power for playing back HD, but 
>> that is not a concern for me at the moment, or indeed for the 
>> forseeable future.
>> Is anybody using one of these?  The one downside I see is that I use 
>> MythDVD as my main DVD player, and this obviously does not have a DVD 
>> player in it.  I could use an external USB DVD player, does anybody 
>> know how well those work under Linux?
They work really well.  Most have an annoying whiny cooling fan, 
though.  I use a Plextor laptop one which is completely silent.

> If you don't need DVD player support, there is a nice and cheaper 
> alternative.
> Check out this alternative from Hauppage : 
> http://pdavila.homelinux.org:8080/blog/?p=239
> Detailed info in putting Linux on that box here : http://www.mvpmc.org/
Unfortunately the MediaMVP doesn't have VGA or DVI output....

And the koolu doesn't have DVI.  I might buy a few of the koolu boxes 
for other uses for work (embedded network app type of thing for doing 
remote backup) so if I get the OK to buy them I'll post a report.


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