[mythtv-users] Saving Closed Caption (Teletext) from PVR 500 to view them on other video players.

TechBill techbill at stlaware.com
Thu Sep 20 07:20:45 UTC 2007

I have recently install Mythbuntu and being deaf so I use closed captioning 
enabled on PVR 500 which come out nice and sharp. I know that the closed 
captioned are saved to mpeg file because I can use the ccextractor app to 
extract perfect CC data from mpeg file saved by MythTV but it is not visable 
on the video itself unless you play it back in MythTV or any player with 
closed caption decoder which I haven't be able to find another player for 
like my Windows Laptop to take my recorded show with me to watch them while 
I travel.

My question is there a way to set MythTV to save Closed Caption onto the 
video itself that it become open caption or write to mpeg file as a screen 
capture so it write both the show and the caption on the show to mpeg file? 
So I would not need to find any special video player to be able to decode 
the closed caption playback instead I would be able to use any mpeg player 
since caption is now visable all the time on the video itsefl which is 
called Open Caption.

I am already aware that I could extract the Closed Caption data and covert 
it to srt or subtitle data then playback the mpeg video with subtitle but 
this is the "extra steps" I wish to avoid and again I would be limited to 
only mpeg players that support subtitles.

I have already tried VLC and Mplayer and some few other popular mpeg player 
but none of them can't seem to decode the closed caption. I already set 
Recording profile default and live tv to 720 x 480 which I know is needed to 
be set for PVR 500 and IVTV driver to have a sharp closed captioning and 
video play back.

I am open to any suggestion or possibaly and even submitting a feature 
request that there is some type of Closed caption to open caption recording 
mpeg so we deaf people would just need to grab our mpeg recorded show and 

Thank for making a great DVR  with closed captioning possible!

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