[mythtv-users] hdhomerun scan versus ATSC channel 76

Adam Felson a.f.8 at pobox.com
Thu Sep 20 04:31:46 UTC 2007

I'm Getting a strange problem with my mythtv system after blowing away my 
capture card definitions and source definitions in order to switch over to 

I'm using a silicondust HDHomeRun for HDTV off of cox cable tv.  I put in a 
definition in mythtv-setup, added a digital-cable schedulesdirect source 
(without downloading the lineup) and then went to input connections and did a 
channel scan to get my channels.  The problem is that 76.1 and 76.2 don't get 
detected.  Everything else seems to detect OK.  If I look at the status 
window after the channel scan, I see that it did detection on up to channel 
75 and then jumped right to detection on channel 77 skipping over 76.  No 
mention of the two digital transmissions.  No time out;  no mention if there 
was a missing table.  Nothing.  
If I run 'hdhomerun_config <id> scan 0 qam256:76' I see that the two channels 
are there and that the signal is at around 84.  So, it isn't the signal 
strength bug that was fixed last week.  (I'm running SVN, by the way).
The HDHR firmware is 20070914 (the latest'n'greatest).  I'm running nothing on 
the network between myth and HDHR.

Any ideas why mythtv-setup skips right past 76?  

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