[mythtv-users] Integrated HDMI?

Ian Forde ian at duckland.org
Thu Sep 20 02:55:52 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-09-20 at 08:34 +1000, Christian Hack wrote:
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> > Ahh... no... I've got the Abit AN-M2HD board... I *think* 
> > it's a Realtek
> > RTL8211BL (for which the r8168_8 driver doesn't work - just tried it)
> > and forcedeth from CentOS doesn't work...
> > 
> According to the output of lsmod, I have the forcedeth kernel module
> loaded and that's what is being used for my eth0 (on an AN-M2HD). CentOS
> must have an older version. MythDora 4 is basically Fedora Core 6 so
> it's not exactly bleeding edge. I'm not sure how old CentOS 5 is.

CentOS 5 is based on FC6, but it uses a kernel based on 2.6.18.  FC6 (as
of my last check) is running a 2.6.22-based kernel.  MythDora runs a
2.6.20-based kernel.  So RH apparently hasn't backported the newer
forcedeth kernel module over.  I'm hoping that it get included in RHEL
5.1 (which will then go into CentOS 5.1)...

I'm really not up for scrapping the whole setup that I *just* got
running CentOS 5 from Fedora 5 just to move it again over to MythDora...
<sigh>... Looks like I'm sticking with the USB adapter at least until
5.1 is out... after that I'll have to reevaluate it...


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