[mythtv-users] Advice Requested re LCD TV's

Jack Madison jack at webhouse.cc
Thu Sep 20 02:10:14 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-09-19 at 15:08 +0000, R. G. Newbury wrote:
> Rich West wrote:
> > R. G. Newbury wrote:
> >> <snip>
> >>
> >> Can anyone suggest a 32 to 37 inch high definition (1920 x 1200) LCD TV, 
> >>   (brand plus model) available in North America which can, in effect, 
> >> deal with 2 different coax inputs easily. That is, go seamlessly from 
> >> cable to OTA tuning. If that means selecting a different Input Source, 
> >> that is alright, so long as it is not a 4 to 6 step procedure.
> >>   
> > 
> > My Polaroid (which is really just a generic TV branded with Polaroid)
> > does it in a couple of clicks: input button on remote, select the input
> > you want, hit ok.
> Exactly what I was looking for. However, I have never heard of a 
> 'Polaroid' branded TV. I will do some googleing.

After much research and talking with the sales guy I went with a 32"
vizio.  I would have gone with the 37", but 32" is as big as I can fit
where it is.  So far I am very impressed and glad I went with that one.
It also has all the inputs I would want, including VGA which was a
requirement of mine.

>   > If you are using mythtv, why not get an HD capture card or HDHomeRun and
> > have your MythTV system capture your SD and your HD video content?  That
> > way, you don't even have to fool with the input options on the TV...
> > 
> > -Rich
> I have been running mythtv for over 2 years....
> I have a Hauppuage 500 and an HDHomeRun connected to the myth box.
> My wife prefers to just channel surf when she is watching in the afternoon.
> And at the moment, my Via SP13000 has some problems with displaying full 
> 720p and 1080i output. Kinda difficult to watch a blank dark blue 
> screen, which is what I get for 1080i...It's a Via xvmc thing. Those 
> recordings play back beautifully here at work using the nvidia card.

In 32", supposedly you can't tell the difference between 720p and
anything higher.  I haven't done much side by side comparison, just what
I could see in the store, but in 32" the 720p resolution appeared as
good as the uber expensive 1080p TV.  Could be the video source, but I'm
quite happy with the picture.  My next step is to switch from DirectTV
to Comcast cable and add a HDHomerun.

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