[mythtv-users] Using Myth with a rotor?? Not possible?!?!?

Sean Hanna sean.hanna.2733 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 00:25:44 UTC 2007

Been trying to setup Myth with my SG2100 Rotor.  It appears that none of the
features work.  I try USALS, it overscans the sat.

My true south sat. is located at 91W.  I set the roto at 0 and rotate the
assembly (dish and motor.. keeping it at 0) aim the dish at 91, check with
my ExpressVU reciever and have verified that this indeed is ExpressVU -91.
I have Myth use my rotor as a USALS (goto X) rotor and enter in 91.  I do a
scan and watch as my signal goes from perfect to nothing.  I look outside
and see my dish has moved 13 degrees to the east.  I enter in an different
number and it just keeps moving, or going in different directions.  I adjust
my Longitude and try to scan again.  Regardless of what I enter the motor
doesn't change positions.  It appears to "know" where the position is and
won't let me get away from it.

I try to use it as a DiSeqc 1.2 and store my positions.  I spent a good 20
min figuring out what it was doing and finally came to the conclusion it was
using the preset stored positions and not what I enter, or aim at.  Anything
after 26 (the # of presets the SG2100 has stored) and the rotor doesn't
move.  Its stationary.  The only positions it knows are the preset ones (for
Europe) and refuses to re-write the table in the rotor to store different

If anyone has any idea of whats going on or can help by either shooting me a
link to a website, etc let me know.

Thanks in advance!!

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