[mythtv-users] Which tuner card to get?

Larry Sanderson larry.sanderson at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 22:11:29 UTC 2007

On Wed, 19 Sep 2007 17:49:04 -0400, Matt Mossholder
<matt+MythTV-Users at mossholder.com> wrote:
> Mathias,
> 	Although you said you didn't want one, I am going to recommend the
> HDHomerun anyway :) From my experience, "good, solid" doesn't describe
> what I have experienced with PCI cards.  The HDHomerun has been both
> solid AND cheap, especially when you consider it has two tuners, rather
> than just one. When you add in that it can be shared by multiple
> devices, with a bit of schedule avoidance, and that sure makes it a
> winner in my book.

Just another "It works great for me" response:  I have a single backend
with 2 HD-5500 tuners and a PVR-500.  It is a recent build (I started at
version 0.19, with a linux kernel at 2.6.18), and I've never had any
problems with the cards.  I think the compatibility problems are pretty
well understood and documented now.

As for HD PCI cards, the other one I've heard good things about is the
Air2PC card.  Good luck with whatever you choose - I hope you enjoy Myth as
much as I do!

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