[mythtv-users] Shutdown/Startup help

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Wed Sep 19 19:30:12 UTC 2007

Nick Morrott wrote:
> Any plans to consolidate the primary server and your MythTV master
> backend? If the primary is down, will the MythTV backend be able to
> successfully login if the LDAP server is offline?
The whole, entire point of the exercise is that the one box which will stay up 
24/7 is the low-powered mini-ITX one. With that guaranteed, I can (er, should be 
able to) turn on/off the other server boxes as required. Which is why I haven't 
looked seriously at ACPI/other solutions in any great detail, they aren't needed.

It was a concious design decision way back when to split functionality the way I 
have. I'm still a little short of the final arrangement, and since the recent 
medical problems I have to run with what I've got. Main aim: I want to get my 
electric fires off the grid when they are not needed.

The primary has run for a year or so with no problems so far. If that goes down, 
I've got bigger problems than watching tv.

Mike Perkins

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