[mythtv-users] My mythvideo wish list....

Anduin Withers awithers at anduin.com
Wed Sep 19 17:35:58 UTC 2007

> Any suggestions for what to use for coding on Linux(FC5)? (IDE?)
> What source file(s) would I need to start with for mythvideo?
> Anyone already working on similar functions (see below...)?

Most use vi/emacs. As for source files, they are all in

This is my list of things that I hope to get done sometime:


> 1) Option for clearing the bookmark and start video from the beginning.
> I love the bookmarks in general, but most of the time I want to start a
> show from the beginning.

I lump this in with "make it more like Watch Recordings". It is currently
this way for DVDs.

> 2) Using the Internal player, create/play/save a Playlist. Something
> similar to the Playlist in the Recordings menu would work fine for me.
> Maybe some of the same code can be used? In conjunction with #1 when
> playing a Playlist bookmarks should be ignored.

Personally, I dislike the way it is in Watch Recordings, the few requests
for this feature seem to want something more like what you would find in a
music player.

> 3) Some different sort options. Right now I believe I have it setup to
> use the browse mode, which sorts the directory trees by name. I'd like
> to have a couple other sorts that could possibly be toggled with a key
> (and hence a remote button). Besides the standard by name, sorting by
> date with newest videos first would be of interest to me.

Based on the file modification time?

Anduin Withers

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