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James Orr james.orr7 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 14:49:23 UTC 2007

On 9/19/07, F Peeters (MythTV) <francesco at fampeeters.com> wrote:
> There are quite a few other words than can cause even more confusion due
> to the fact the BE (slang)word actually has a different meaning than the
> same word in AE (slang)!
> A few examples:
> rubber - eraser
> fag - cigarette

I live in the US, but am British.  A friend of mine got thrown out of his
classroom when he asked a new female american teacher for a rubber.  He was
quite mystified as to what he had done wrong.

I've lived here for over 10 years now, and most of my vocabularly has become
thoroughly americanized, but I occaisionally still slip in a british (or
even scottish) word and not realize the people I'm talking to don't
understand it.

However, the major language differences were already known through american
TV shows and movies.  The biggest surprise I had was that the toilet flush
is on the wrong side here.
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