[mythtv-users] Aspect Question (svn -- probably a RTFM)

David Frascone dave at frascone.com
Wed Sep 19 04:24:12 UTC 2007

I've got a 16:9 Plasma.  And, due to burn-in issues, I always stretch my 4:3
out to full screen (I know -- losing the aspect)

On some SD channels, they have been putting in 16:9 shows with bars on the
top and bottom.  I used to be able to change the aspect to 4:3 zoom (I
think), and I would have the SD, 4:3 video, in perfect aspect, full screen
on my 16:9 -- but, now in SVN, that seems to be gone.

Now there's 16:9, & 4:3 aspect (which I have set to 16:9), but in the zooms,
there's only half zoom and full zoom, which both are truncating the width(
which is perfect)

So -- does anyone know how to do the equivalent of 4:3 zoom with the new

Thanks in advance,


David Frascone

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