[mythtv-users] Missing QAM channels

Bob mythtv at cox.net
Wed Sep 19 04:24:01 UTC 2007

Bob wrote:
> Since mythtv 0.20 I have noticed some QAM-256 channels missing after I 
> do a scan.  I suspected that my provider (Cox) had encrypted these 
> channels, but after talking to someone with a TV set with a QAM tuner 
> I'm suspecting that mythtv is not seeing these channels for some reason.
> I don't believe it is a hardware issue because I have a friend using an 
> HD-3000 that is having the same problem (I use a DVICO Fusion Lite).
> To work around this, I was trying to insert the channel into the channel 
> table based on a back-up copy I had from when I was able to receive the 
> channel in question.  After my SQL insert, the channel shows up in the 
> mythweb channel editor, but mythtv will tune to either the channel 
> before or channel after.  I've tried using mythtv-setup to scan only the 
> frequency on which this channel is located, but of course it doesn't see 
> any channels/transports on that frequency.  Any suggestions?
> Bob
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For anyone interested, I was able to be my channel inserted into the 
channel table.  The problem was the mplexid was wrong.

This also confirms that for some reason, the mythtv scanner does not 
always show all the unencrypted channels.


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