[mythtv-users] Our Only Option is Schedule Direct?

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Wed Sep 19 04:00:30 UTC 2007

B Walker napsal(a):
> When the subject comes up, a simple statement that SD is the only 100% legal way to get scheduling data in the U.S. (and Canada I presume), other options are out there but the legality of those is debatable.  That would be moderating.  Calling anyone that points out other options a "troll" is not only pointless but doesn't help answer the question.  If there is a serious problem a message off list is a much more productive way to take care of it.
Very early on in this thread:

- You can put data from any source you want into MythTV via XMLTV, a  
standard listings interchange format.
- Screen-scraper discussions are probably better held on the XMLTV  
mailing lists, because that's where the development of such things  
happens and because users of multiple applications come together  
there to work on common sources of data.
- Screen-scraping is against the terms of service (TOS) agreements of  
most TV listing websites, including Zap2It's site.
- MythTV developers have said they won't officially support anything  
that violates a site's TOS, so if you want to write something like  
this, you're on your own.

Simple enough for you?

Can you please drop it now?

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