[mythtv-users] Upgrading CPU

Raphael rpooser at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 02:31:03 UTC 2007

Robert Logan wrote:
> 99% of the time a distro will give you an SMP kernel anyway.
> Makes no difference w.r.t functionality if youve only got one.

In my case the smp kernel installed by default in ubuntu 6.06 was the 
root of all evil. Only after I changed it to a vanilla non-smp did I 
stop having 20% cpu utilization all the time by si (in top), causing the 
clock speed to always stay high and producing unnecessary heat. Luckily 
some other people on the net had the same problem....

> When the machine boots it will detect another and bobs your
> uncle. If - like me, you enjoy the pleasure of kernel poking,
> then you might need to enable this, and you might to recompile
> and re-install etc - but its not a big issue for me and the likes.
> WinXP needs prodding to use the 2nd CPU if you upgrade thus,

Not sure about that one, maybe XP home. On my XP box no such prodding 
was necessary, it was a drop and boot (or a "plug and pray", if you prefer).

> but Win2K3 does - as indicated find that extra one itself.
> bert

I should mention I've never used dual cores in Linux, but I have 
replaced processors and built or rebuilt computers an uncountable number 
of times, and I consider the processor upgrade one of the easiest parts.

The OP and a couple others who had questions on the installation process 
should probably just check a couple of howto's around using google. I 
remember back when I built my first computer I found a video somewhere 
showing all the steps of installing the processor. Also, I think AMD 
used to make some videos themselves back in the K7 days.


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