[mythtv-users] Is SD data as current as it used to be?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Sep 19 00:39:24 UTC 2007

On 09/18/2007 11:52 AM, Cottrell, Eric wrote:
> The problem I had was that the schedule data 14 days out was incomplete
> for some channels.  It seems that "complete" data is only out to 12
> days.  I recently upgraded from 0.16 to 0.20.  I noticed it does a
> better check and grabs data when the number of programs in prime time
> are below a threshold.  It seems to re-grab one or two day's worth of
> data everytime the new version has run.

Yep.  There are a /lot/ of nice new features since 0.16.  :)

> I thought that getting updates for the next day is too short a time for
> other than last minute changes.  I added options like --refresh-fourth
> and --refresh-eighth to the mythfilldatabase code when I ran 0.16.
> Maybe there should be a --refresh-seventh or --refresh-eighth option
> added to mythfilldatabase.  This would  update with more complete data
> so the user can make better scheduling decisions.  Maybe the better
> checking makes it moot.  I need to do some checks after I fix other
> problems.

IMHO, it's not useful to refresh at a week out.  The data is still very
"liquid"/undetermined at that point and really only settles down a day
or two before air times.  I think waiting to refresh only tomorrow is a
good approach.


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