[mythtv-users] Our Only Option is Schedule Direct?

Meatwad meatwad.get.the.honeys at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 00:38:04 UTC 2007

B Walker wrote:

>>> I too have been watching the various threads on this subject since
>>> the beginning, and I've been staying out of it for the most part.
>>> Except when people spew out baseless assertions, claiming some
>>> authority or special
>> Kindly demonstrate that the assertions are baseless. Please point us
>> to a TV listings source which does not have a restrictive TOS.

You brayed on further:

> As pointed out in other thread.  Shrink-wrap/click-wrap agreements have been found by many courts to be invalid if not in whole, in part.  My original contention was that sharing data from some other products program guide with MythTV (in my case pulled from my wife's MCE box) is likely not a problem. 
> I have not researched website TOS's.  The only thing I stated related to that is that *if* someone were to download some program that pulled guide data into XML-tv format, no sane court would expect your average user to know where that data comes from or have agreed to any TOS (presuming that the software didn't make that clear and was scraping data from a website).  That's like saying if Corel infringes on a Sun patent that all users of the Corel product are liable for patent infringement.  Whoever wrote the program would likely be the target, not the end user.  
> Sure, you can file anything in court (see the lawsuit against God for an example), it doesn't mean it'll go anywhere.
> I'd love to see examples of any individual, for their own personal use (not for resale), being held liable for breaking a website TOS without their knowledge of the TOS even existing.  The transcripts would be very amusing.
> These attempts by USERS to 'moderate' messages by vilifying and ad hominem attack on other users certainly does nothing to promote discourse on the subject of MythTV and it's use.  It seems to be okay to talk about all sorts of other ancillary topics (modelines, LIRC, etc), but some have decided that they don't like this and feel some need to try and kill any related discussions.
> A simple honest answer to the original poster would be NO, SD is not the only option.  But you can't talk about other options here it seems.

I'm sorry, what was that you said? I wasn't listening. I was too busy 
looking for your TV listings source which does not have a restrictive TOS.

When you have one, feel free to bring the matter back up.

Until then, sit in the corner you ugly troll.


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