[mythtv-users] Cannot select SchedulesDirect asVideoSource -EL5/atrpms

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Sep 18 23:39:43 UTC 2007

On 09/18/2007 11:54 AM, Shawn Flynn wrote:
> I'm curious if anyone else is experiencing the same issue. I can easily
> replicate it on both of my slave backends. 
> 1) Open mythtv-setup
> 2) Go to "3. Video Sources"
> 3) Select a video source that is tied to SchedulesDirect internal grabber
> (in my case "Analog Cable")
> 4) Listed as "Data Direct Lineup:" I see bogus information "0005370:-"
> 5) Pressing "Retrieve Lineups" button refreshes the "Data Direct Lineup:"
> display to read correctly.
> 6) Select your correct lineup from the list and press the "Finish" button.
> 7) Press "Esc" to exit the "Video sources" selection screen.
> 8) Press "Esc" to exit the "Home" screen.
> 9) An error message is diplayed that reads "Card 0 (type ) is set to start
> on channel 2, which does not exist. Do you want to fix this problem?"
> 10) Selecting "Yes please" will take you back to step 2 above and repeats
> exactly as listed.
> 11) Selecting "No, I know what I am doing" will exit mythtv-setup and
> everything will work as intended.

This sounds like you have an old card definition that's not connected to
a video source (and probably on a different hostname--so not even
displayed in mythtv-setup).
> This is all with the atrpms build mythtv-setup-0.20.2-165.el5
> Can anyone else running that build verify that they see the same thing?
> Thanks,
> Shawn Flynn
> P.S. As soon as I have my next 'non-recording' window I'll do a 'Delete all
> cards' and try to set everything up from scratch again to see if I get the
> same results. I've been reading this list long enough to know that'll be the
> next thing you suggest Michael. ;)

Excellent, exactly what I was going to say (but you knew that, didn't
you).  Doing so would get rid of the old card definition. 


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