[mythtv-users] Good old XvMC .. don't you love it

Ryan Steffes rbsteffes at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 20:19:20 UTC 2007

> >     1) What's the best way to tell if it's working or not?
> >     I find the frontend log confusing.
> >     Times when I've thought that it is working, the fronend it thowing out
> >     all sorts of odd info.
> >     Time when I've though it's not it's throwing out different info.
> >     What should I be looking for?
> >
> >
> > As you've since noted, grey OSD is probably the best indicator that XvMC
> > is enabled and being used
> Yes, I thought that too. I just wondered whether the other option I had
> to turn on (is it OpenGL sync or something .. on the same page) had
> cause the grey OSD instead.

I do NOT have a grey frontend, so what's option B for figuring out
whether XvMC is working?  My system seems to play HD content alright
when the CPU load is fairly low, but if it's commflagging or
transcoding, the prebuffering pauses start to add up.  I've followed
the wiki as best I could, but it's a bit out of date for newest svn.
I THINK using the CPU+ profile, XvMC should be enable if it's working,
but I'm not positive.

The log seems to indicate maybe it's not:

2007-09-18 13:15:08.821 VideoOutputXv: Desired video renderer
'xvmc-blit' not available.
                        codec 'None' makes 'xv-blit,xshm,xlib,'
available, using 'xv-blit' instead.
2007-09-18 13:15:08.821 VideoOutputXv: XVideo Adaptor Name: 'NV17 Video Overlay'
2007-09-18 13:15:10.130 Realtime priority would require SUID as root.
2007-09-18 13:15:10.244 OpenGLVideoSync()
2007-09-18 13:15:10.244 ~OpenGLVideoSync() -- begin
2007-09-18 13:15:10.244 ~OpenGLVideoSync() -- end
2007-09-18 13:15:10.244 Video timing method: RTC
2007-09-18 13:15:10.526 VideoOutputXv: XvMC Adaptor Name: 'NV17 Video Overlay'
2007-09-18 13:15:11.196 VideoOutputXv: ProcessFrameXvMC: Tried to
reuse frame but failed
2007-09-18 13:15:11.197 AFD: Opened codec 0xa087130,
id(MPEG2VIDEO_XVMC) type(Video)
2007-09-18 13:15:11.198 AFD: Opened codec 0xa088700, id(AC3) type(Audio)
2007-09-18 13:15:11.217 Opening ALSA audio device 'mixed-digital'.
2007-09-18 13:15:11.237 NVP: Enabling Audio
2007-09-18 13:15:11.782 NVP: prebuffering pause
2007-09-18 13:15:11.846 NVP: prebuffering pause
2007-09-18 13:15:11.883 NVP: prebuffering pause
2007-09-18 13:15:11.926 NVP: prebuffering pause
2007-09-18 13:15:11.969 NVP: prebuffering pause

I'm not sure where xvmc-blit should be coming from.

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