[mythtv-users] All my unencrypted HD channels are in the 700s. Can Myth tune that high?

Scott Alfter mythtv at salfter.dyndns.org
Tue Sep 18 19:29:31 UTC 2007

Matt Emmott wrote:
> I have Charter cable tv. I just picked up a QAM capable TV, but it 
> doesn't tune past channel 114.5. All my HD channels like ESPNHD, ABCHD, 
> etc, are up around channel 700. I am assuming that these are unencrypted 
> since they are non premium channels - Please correct me if I'm wrong.

The channel numbers you see on your HD cable box bear no relation to the
channel numbers that an HD tuner (in a TV or in your MythTV box).  To set them
up on MythTV, start in mythtv-setup by scanning with your HD tuner for
available channels.  Unencrypted channels should have a somewhat cryptic
identifier next to them that identifies them.  Typically, a local station's HD
feed will be on channel x.1, while other feeds (weather, news, traffic, etc.)
will be on x.2, x.3, etc.

Once you've found the channels and associated the input with an appropriate
Schedules Direct lineup, go into the mythtv-setup channel editor and change the 
name, callsign, and channel number fields for each channel to match the
schedule info.  I used to also fill in the XMLTV identifier field, but it looks
like the system does that by itself if it's empty.

It's also worth noting that the only HD you might be able to pull in from cable 
with MythTV will be the local broadcast channels.  While the mythtv-setup 
channel scanner might pick up a bunch of channels, not all of them will be 

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