[mythtv-users] koolu frontend

James Orr james.orr7 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 15:47:52 UTC 2007

I'm thinking about separating my backend from my frontend.  They are
currently combined, but it gets a little noisy sometimes.

I found this as a possible frontend ... http://www.koolu.com/

I searched the list and was quite surprised not to get any hits as it even
has a mythtv frontend running in the product demo video.

Obviously this box won't have the horse-power for playing back HD, but that
is not a concern for me at the moment, or indeed for the forseeable future.

Is anybody using one of these?  The one downside I see is that I use MythDVD
as my main DVD player, and this obviously does not have a DVD player in it.
I could use an external USB DVD player, does anybody know how well those
work under Linux?

I'd also have to get some form of USB IR receiver that works with lirc.  I
have the serial irman right now.
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