[mythtv-users] Getting crazy! 'std::bad_alloc' St9bad_alloc

Marco Gusy picander78 at yahoo.it
Tue Sep 18 07:44:15 UTC 2007

Alle luned́ 17 settembre 2007, Anduin Withers ha scritto:
> > I buit mythtv with --compile-type=debug but still get "no debugging
> > symbols
> > found". What could be?
> Check the config.mak created by configure, you should see a -g in ECFLAGS
> and debug in CCONFIG. If you are doing something other than a make install
> that would be good to know as well.

Maybe I nailed it. I think I solved the problem by commenting out all 
modelines in xorg.conf. Maybe this could be added to a faq in the site?
Looks like a modeline was confouding mythfrontend.
Do you need my modelines for debugging?

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