[mythtv-users] Cannot select SchedulesDirect as VideoSource -EL5/atrpms

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Sep 18 03:32:33 UTC 2007

On 09/17/2007 04:30 PM, Shawn Flynn wrote:
> I am attempting to add a new slave backend to my current setup, but have run
> into an issue trying to select the correct video source in mythtv-setup.
> First the obligatory system configuration info.
> Master Backend: Centos5 2.6.18-8.1.10, Myth 0.20.2-fixes from atrpms, no
> tuners
> Slave Backend 1: Centos5 2.6.18-8.1.8, Myth 0.20.2-fixes from atrpms, 1x
> PVR-150
> Slave Backend 2: Centos5 2.6.18-8, Myth 0.20.2-fixes from atrpms, 1x PVR-250
> All systems have had a 'yum upgrade' as of yesterday evening. The
> differences in kernel versions are to deal with ivtv kmdl's not being
> available yet for 2.6.18-8.1.10.
> The master backend (MBE) and Slave backend 1 (SBE1) have been up and working
> in their current configuration for months. On the weekend I decided to add
> the second slave backend (SBE2) into the mix so I could grab some
> conflicting shows during the fall preview season. Everything appeared to go
> fine during the setup, until I hit the point in mythtv-setup where you
> select the 'Input Connections.' I can see the 'Analog Cable' video source
> that I defined previously for SBE1 (and am currently using there), but if I
> try to attach it to SBE2's 'Tuner 1,' I get an error when exiting setup that
> states 'Card 0 (type ) is set to start on channel 2, which does not exist.'
> Upon going back into mythtv-setup, if I look at the 'Video Sources'
> definition for 'Analog Cable' I see my 'Data Direct Lineup' listed as
> '0005370:-' rather than the correct name. Pressing the 'Retrieve Lineups'
> button will fill in the correct data for 'Data Direct Lineup," but pressing
> 'Finish' to save and exit the screen does not seem to save the
> configuration. Going back in to 'Analog Cable' video source setup will show
> the bogus information again.
> Is anyone else experiencing a similar problem? Any suggestions where to go
> from here?

Before digging any deeper, please verify for me--since you're talking
about the "Data Direct Lineup"--you are using the grabber "North America
(SchedulesDirect.org) (Internal)", right?


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