[mythtv-users] Congrats to Xris

David George david at thegeorges.us
Tue Sep 18 02:46:43 UTC 2007

On 09/17/2007 10:42 PM, Brian Wood wrote:
> Jay R. Ashworth wrote:
>> There's a bunch of good shooting and writing on commercials these days,
>> believe it or not, guys.
> Agreed. In some ways I find them more entertaining than the programs.
> They certainly waste less time to watch.
> Most are schlock, especially the local ones with the slide show and the
> radio announcer, but some of the network and big-sponsor syndicated ones
> are actually worth watching.
> Sacrilege I know, but true IMHO.
> The point is that *I* decide whether to watch them or not, thanks to Myth.
Or just wait for the good ones to be shown on World's Funniest 
Commercials.  http://veryfunnyads.com/


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