[mythtv-users] Where does the remote lag come from?

Rick rbonafied at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 00:08:32 UTC 2007

Michael Wisniewski wrote:
> Back to your problem....  ;-)
> I ran Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, Feisty, and now Gutsy, and I have never had the
> lag you mentioned...  The reason why I said that was because I'm using
> MySQL Server 5 and have been for awhile...no problems.
> Rick, is there anything else in the room where it could be causing
> 'interference'?  Did you get a new light?  Is there a bright light on
> in front of the remote receiver?  For the PVR-150 (which is what I
> have), is the 'blaster' part hidden somewhere so it doesn't blast
> signals out?  Is there an IR port on your laptop or computer that is
> enabled?
> I'm not saying that the blaster part of the pvr-150 cable would be
> sending a signal out...but to me, and I'm no expert, it sounds like
> some sort of interference.  Also, since you mentioned that you have
> two PVR-150's, what happens if you try to plug the remote blaster
> cable thingy into the other card?  Do you have the other remote that
> came with the other card?  If so, what happens if you use the other
> remote?
> If you're still stumped, I'll go home and try the irw command with my
> remote and let you know if it pauses or not.
> Good Luck!
> Mike

Hi Mike,

Nothing has really changed in the orientation of the IR receiver... it
kinda hangs down from the top of the entertainment unit.  The blaster
portion is hidden from influence.  One thing that did occur to me to
check was the batteries in the remote and they were good.

I'll check on some of the other things you suggested in the next day or
so.  I'll also dig out the other receiver and try that one in place of
the one I've been using.  I will say that a buddy of mine is also
experiencing the exact same thing with his similar setup. He is running
the same version of Mandriva as I, however, my kernel and his are
slightly different versions.

As for now... I'm off to hopefully watch the Eagles rout the Redskins. :)


p.s. uh oh... I hope I didn't start another thread topic in this one.

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