[mythtv-users] Mac OSX Universal Binary for .20.2 @ thesniderpad.com

Dan Wilga mythtv-users2 at dwilga-linux1.amherst.edu
Mon Sep 17 18:38:55 UTC 2007

At 10:59 PM +1000 9/17/07, Anthony Giggins wrote:
>OK I'm getting the following errors when running from the console, what am
>I missing? it appears to be configured correctly to .
>2007-09-17 21:38:21.788 Connecting to backend server: (try
>1 of 5)

That 127... address is "localhost", meaning MFE thinks your database 
is located on the Mac. I'm not running MFE on the machine I'm typing 
on right now, but if the setup menus don't set this properly, you can 
try editing the mysql.txt file manually. IIRC, it's in your ~ 
directory, and may actually start with '.' (i.e.: .mysql.txt). It 
gets created the first time you run MFE.

>mount /storage
>mount_nfs: /storage: Operation not permitted
>I have been able to mount this on another linux box but not macOSX

Most likely, you need to use "sudo mount". Otherwise, the mount point 
is created as the user you run the command with, which most likely is 
not permitted to mount the volume (according to the /etc/exports on 
the other machine.) Note that, in this case, a username match isn't 
enough to allow something other than root to mount; the UIDs of the 
non-root account have to be the same between your Mac and the Linux 

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