[mythtv-users] Is HD worth it?

Tom Lichti tom at redpepperracing.com
Mon Sep 17 15:46:08 UTC 2007

David Fishburn wrote:
> So at my home right now I have:
> 1.  Rogers (cable) and might possibly get a set top box for the HD channels
> - This will require QAM
As mentioned, Rogers in Ontario encrypted all the QAM channels recently,
so that is a non-starter. You could hook the STB up to a PVR-x50 card
and record that way.
> 2.  Bell ExpressVu (satellite receiver model 3100, component and svideo outputs)
You'd have to go the same route as a a Rogers STB.
> 3.  OTA channels (see question above for range).
> - Does this require an antenna?  (I think it does, but do you get one,
> then test later?)
I am in Brampton, and with a Channel Master 4228 I can receive most of
the Buffalo stations, which I calculated at 96 miles for the fartherst
away. You should definitely be able to get Kitchener stations. Check out
www.digitalhome.ca, there is a thread for OTA reception in your area, I
think. There are also lots of resources to figure what may be available.
> At this point I think 3 might be the priority.  Which hardware would
> people recommend given my choices above?
If you want REAL HD, OTA is pretty much your only option that avoids an
STB. I have heard of some success using firewire to capture from Rogers
STB's, but it seemed pretty hit and miss, last I read.

Your best option would be a decent antenna (outside on a tower for best
results), and an OTA HD receiver. I use an HD HomeRun (there is one for
sale in Ottawa right now, I can send you the info) or the Air2PC one you
mentioned. I really like the convenience of the HDHR, but it is a bit
pricey. It works beautifully with MythTV though.


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