[mythtv-users] warnings and recommendations on my new mythtv box

Ryan Steffes rbsteffes at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 14:58:08 UTC 2007

On 9/17/07, Taco Mel <taco_mel at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Here is some feedback regarding your system:
> Hauppauge WinTV-PVR 500 - I like this card.  Newegg
> was unable to guarantee me that they would send me the
> "type A" tuners (Philips) which are reputed to be
> vastly superior to the "type B" tuners (Samsung).  I
> ended up getting my card off eBay ("new") because the
> seller there could guarantee type A tuners.
> SAMSUNG SpinPoint T Series HD501LJ - I have purchased
> 5 of these drives over the last year for MythTV and
> non-MythTV applications.  One came DOA (immediately
> failed SMART on my 3ware controller) and one died
> after about a month (clicking, timing out IO,
> reporting "cable failure" with multiple cables).  I
> RMA'd the DOA one through Newegg and got a
> replacement.  The one that died later was about 3
> months old and is currently shipping to Samsung for
> RMA.  So when you get this please make sure that you
> have SMART monitoring configured on your system and
> that you turn it on right away in case you get a DOA
> drive.  While these drives were cheap and highly rated
> at Newegg, the 33% failure rate I have encountered is
> too high for my comfort and I am switching to a
> different brand.
> This also points out that you might want RAID if you
> don't want to lose your recordings; fortunately mine
> was set up this way and my recordings survived.

Samsung's are supposed to be good drives, but I've had nothing but
praise for my Seagates  (WITH their especially long warranty period).
Of the 12 Seagates I've had, in a mixture of large capacity, smaller
drives, and laptop drives, I've had only one failure after years of
abuse, after it spent some time in a non-ventilated homemade acoustic
box.   When that one failed, they overnighted me the replacement along
with shipping material to send the other drive back after I recovered
the data off it for something like $20 bucks shipping.  Their response
to my drive failure made me a life long Seagate fan, and they are only
slightly less quiet than the best Spinpoints.


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