[mythtv-users] NFS issue

Chris Cox, N0UK chrisc at BritishCarAndDriver.Com
Mon Sep 17 12:53:53 UTC 2007

> FYI:  That suggestion worked!!!!  I just mapped my NFS share from my Myth box.  I added the following NFS information to my firewall (as per rpcinfo -p):
> status      TCP port 881/UDP port 878
> rquotad   TCP port 844/UDP port 841
> mountd    TCP port 883/UDP port 880
> nlockmgr TCP port 50560/UDP port 32768

I think that this solution is going to be problematic for you long term.

There is no guarantee whatsoever that after restarting the NFS server that 
those RPC programs will use the same tcp or udp ports.  Only the RPC 
portmapper uses a consistent, well-known port.

Your firewall needs to support passing of RPC program numbers and I am not 
sure that IP Tables is that intelligent - certainly its predecessor, ip 
chains, was not.

What you could do is modify your ip tables startup/restart logic to 
dynamically change the actual ruleset based upon the output parsing of an 
rpcinfo -p check against the NFS server.  You'd still need to then bounce 
the IP Tables environment whenever the NFS server recycled, of course.

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