[mythtv-users] dct2000serial script too slow

Mark J. Small msmall at eastlink.ca
Mon Sep 17 12:39:52 UTC 2007

On September 15, 2007, David Brodbeck wrote:
> Never mind.  I found dct-channel.tar.bz2.  That works *much* better.
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Even though things seem to be working better for you, I thought a little extra 
info might be helpful:

(1) DCT2000's are frustrating beasts.  If you send the keypresses too fast, it 
doesn't get all of them. If you send them too slowly, it times out between 
keypresses.  It gets to be a matter of finding the "just right" delay between 
keypresses.  Hopefully the script that you found will do that.

(2) The timing method in the script can be very important.  A few years ago I 
found that I was constantly getting the same Tuesday night recording messed 
up.  My tuner would go to channel 6 and get Leno instead of 26 for Inuyasha.  
All other channel changes worked perfectly. I searched around in the logs, 
and found the events for each keypress.  There was a 5-7 second delay between 
the 2 and the 6, and my DCT2000 would time out.  I had a rather low powered 
backend that was doing some other task every Tuesday night, and thus there 
were big delays during my channel change.  After that, I called nice to 
increase the priority of my channel change script and everything has worked 
very well since then.


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