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Craig Huff huffcslists at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 12:37:48 UTC 2007

On 9/17/07, A JM <vbtalent at gmail.com> wrote:
> Craig,
> The WOR, seems to be a starting point and after reading your post am I to
> assume that in a standby situation the USB ports are supplied with a 5v
> source? which in turn could be used to turn on the system if I was going to
> try the WOR?
> Maybe.  You would have to either:
  A) RTFM that came with the laptop
  B) Play detective and figure out what motherboard is in the laptop and
search the web for it's fine manual
searching these to figure out whether the USB ports always have +5Vsb or if
a jumper has to be in the right position.
If the latter, you'd have to take the alternative approach below or open up
the case to see if the jumper is in the right position -- note that there
may even be more than one jumper.  I have a motherboard with jumpers for
each pair of USB ports.

**Alternately**, you could just do a test to see if power is present with
the system in standby/hibernation -- either plug in a USB device that
indicates when it has power, or  use a voltmeter to probe a USB port.


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