[mythtv-users] my experience "upgrading" from KnoppMyth to mythDora

Ryan Allen ryan at the-summit.net
Mon Sep 17 05:19:44 UTC 2007

* David Segall <david at segall.net> wrote on [09-16-07y 20:35]:
> > 6) The screen saver is turned on??!!??
> > 
> > There seems to be a screen saver installed.  The screen blanks out
> > after about 15 minutes of use.  Hitting any key brings the screen back.
> > I still cannot find where the setting for this lives, and this is
> > unacceptable for a DVR system, obviously.
> The screen saver is turned off if you are actually watching something. I 
> find it a plus not to have the menus always visible.

Actually that is not true.  The screen saver kicked in during playback
of recordings and during video playing.  


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