[mythtv-users] Enabling remote X display???

Peter Watkins peterw at tux.org
Mon Sep 17 04:02:29 UTC 2007

On Sun, Sep 16, 2007 at 08:47:24PM -0700, Doug Young wrote:
> OK...in a terminal window on the backend:
> [user at backend]$ xhost+
> [user at backend]$ ssh frontend
> [user at frontend]$ export DISPLAY=backend:0
> [user at frontend]$ nvidia-settings --ctrl-display=:0
> That should do the trick...does for me.

You mean "xhost +". "xhost +frontend" would be better, but that's a 
horribly insecure technique and should only be used if you trust every 
other device on your network *and* you've given up on making SSH's X 
tunneling work properly. And even then, you should run "xhost -" on 
backend to close the hole once you're done.

(Hopefully this wouldn't even work; hopefully backend would be
running a packet filter "firewall" that would block incoming 
connection attempts to TCP/6000 *and* would run X11 on Unix sockets
instead of TCP sockets. Doug, are you really running a distro whose
X server listens for TCP connections?)


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