[mythtv-users] Understanding HD Antennas ( was HDHomeRun and jumpy video)

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sun Sep 16 20:25:35 UTC 2007

George Mari wrote:
> Jon Boehm wrote:
> [deleted]
>> How does reducing the input level sometimes help things?  It seams to me 
>> that I'm STUCK with noise that is on the line.  Once noise gets into the 
>> signal its impossible to get out.  When you attenuate the signal the 
>> noise get promotionally attenuated giving the same signal-to-noise 
>> ratio.  And again, amplifying the signal proportionally amplifys the 
>> noise again giving the same signal-to-noise ratio. So how to attenuator 
>> and amps help in noise situations?
> Over on avsforum.com, they recommend quad-shielded RG-6 cable to keep 
> unwanted interference out between the antenna and tuner.  Even 
> dual-shielded RG-6 is stated as being susceptible to interference. 
> Worse still is RG-59.
> None of this is from personal experience, just my research.

It all depends on where you are. If you are way out in the boonies with
only weak OTA signals and not much else you can probably get away with
lesser-quality cable than you would require in an urban environment
close to a lot of transmitters.

But the better (quad-shielded) cable will never *cause* you problems.

Also, make sure you have the correct connectors for the cable you are
using. Often people try and force the wrong connector on, leading to
problems. If you are using Belden cable, for example, their catalog and
online docs will tell you what connectors to use. A generic Radio Shack
connector may or may not be the right one for your use.

Also, crimp the connectors properly. A pair of combination pliers does
NOT double as an F connector crimper, nor does a pair of visegrips or


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