[mythtv-users] Where does the remote lag come from?

Rick rbonafied at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 20:12:50 UTC 2007


That was a good idea to try the keyboard.  It definitely had much better
response.  I also see where pushing a button on the remote doesn't seem
to generate an action, however, when I run 'ircat mythtv', it is
responding that way.

Hmmm... not sure if this is relevant, but I guess the more information
the better.  I have two PVR 150's.  I often wondered if the two cards
were interfering with each other with respect to responding to the IR
signals.  Obviously I only have one IR receiver plugged into the card.

IVTV version:  ivtv-0.10.5

Sample lircrc lines:
prog = mythtv
button = FFW
repeat = 3
config = PgDown

prog = mythtv
button = REW
repeat = 3
config = PgUp

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