[mythtv-users] need help migrating to schedules direct ... have FC5 box setup using Jarod's guide

Mike Fenston altmcf at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 18:38:52 UTC 2007

Well ... looks like I need to do some mythbox work again ... been
awhile since I messed with the mythbox last (has been running smooth
since the DST pain some months ago) ...

Anyway the wife just noticed there was no listing data so I started
poking around ... the labs.zap2it.com just pointed to the main page so
I started looking thru mythtv users ... was getting bummed out until I
saw the schedules direct thing ... so the least of my issues is paying
the $15 for 6 months ... no problem there ...

I found the following on schedules direct:

"The standard MythTV distribution supports the Schedules Direct data
feed as of the 0.20.2 source release, which came out Friday, 24 August

I tried to update my FC5 box from atrpms ... looks like FC5 is
unsupported now based on the error messages and looking around on that
site :(

So the WAF is heading south quickly ... what is the path of least
resistance here?  Anyway to save my FC5 install?  Should I migrate to
this Mythdora 4.0 on Jarod's site?  or FC7?  I want to stick with
Fedora - I am not a linux pro ... just an occasional hacker (where the
mythbox malfunction is usually the occasion!)

I have an AMD 2600+ box with PVR350 and PVR250 cards

Any help/tips appreciated.


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