[mythtv-users] Where does the remote lag come from?

Rick rbonafied at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 16:32:41 UTC 2007


I've been seeing this since the early days of version 20, I just thought
it was something external to myth.  Now I'm not so sure.  What I am
seeing is perceptible delays as I move around the recorded shows
listings.  Sometimes I hit the remote down arrow once and it delays then
acts like I hit it twice.  I also see remote lag when watching a show
and using various ff and rew actions.  This happens even when the load
is minimal on the box.

Things I've done to try to mitigate the symptoms:
o   Added more memory to the box.  (No improvements, but no swap too :)
o   Upgraded the kernel.  (
o   Upgraded lirc (lirc-0.8.2)
o   Turned off any unneeded background processes.  (Load average is
below 1 most of the time)
o   Compiled myth from latest svn with processor optimization on.
o   Turned off myth media monitoring.

At this point I'm at a loss.  Is there a log or some other debug mode
worth activating to help?


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