[mythtv-users] Is HD worth it?

David Fishburn dfishburn.mythtv at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 14:50:04 UTC 2007

On 9/15/07, jack snodgrass <mrlinuxgroups at gmail.com> wrote:
> I like to watch US Network ( ABC/NBC/CBS/FOX ) OTA signals on my
> $25 Air2PC card. There is plenty of OTA stuff to justify a $25 HDTV
> tuner card.

I am just thinking about buying an HD capable television, so will want
some form of HD content to capture.  I am in Guelph, ON, Canada and am
loath to spend the extra bucks / month for a Rogers set top box and to
get their HD channels.  Not to mention the hassle of doing the IR
blasting for the set top box.

What is the interface from MythTV to the Air2PC card?  How do you
change channels and so on?

There is another thread on HD antenna's at the moment, but what are
you using to capture the signal?  Do you use an additional antenna for
the Air2PC unit?

How do I know if I am within range of any OTA signals?  I have found
this page (http://www.user.dccnet.com/jonleblanc/Canada_TV_Stations/ON.html)
which lists OTA signals for my area.  I don't know if I would be able
to pick up any additional channels from outside of the Guelph region
(like Kitchener ~ 20 miles / 32 km away).

What would be some other good choices I can look at to figure out what
I might like to purchase?  I have seen a lot of posts about the
HDHomeRun (~169.00 US).  I currently use a Hauppauge card to capture
SD which does the mpg conversion automatically for me.   The Air2PC
does not, I am not sure how much impact that has on the system while
capturing such a large stream (HD).

The other common choices I have seen on the list are the hd-3000, hd-5500.

So, if I was just going to get OTA signals (ATSC), what would you
choose currently?
If I was going to go the Rogers route and get a set top box (which I
believe requires QAM) what would you choose?

I also have a Bell ExpressVu receiver (which I am currently not using,
but it is hooked up and ready to go).  If I put that into the mix as
well, what would be the most appropriate hardware I should buy to
support my needs moving forward?

Thanks for any input.

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