[mythtv-users] Machine question....

Bruce Nordstrand brucen at ksl.com.au
Sun Sep 16 13:53:57 UTC 2007

Hi all

Up to now my Myth machines have been small ones. The two I have built 
are both 1Ghz Intel machines, one with 512Mb ram and the other with 
384Mb ram. Live TV on both has been abysmal to say the least and I have 
to use the two of them at once to record from 4 DVB-T tuners, display 
recordings and process commercials all at once.

Now, my current desktop is a little better than these machines. It is an 
AMD Sempron 2800 with 1Gb ram. Would it be worth my while to use this 
machine as a combined backend/frontend with the hard drives onboard 
(80Gb + 250GB IDE's) plus 2 DVB-T cards and use one of the 1Ghz machines 
as a slave backend with the two other DVB-T cards in it. Would, in your 
opinions, would I then be able to better use Live TV? Would I even be 
able to use this machine as my desktop during the day and Myth machine 
at night by utilising "normal" display via the VGA connector and the TV 
display via the S-Video connector (nVidia FX5200) and still expect good 
performance (read watchable) from Live TV?

Any and all opinions appreciated..


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