[mythtv-users] Understanding HD Antennas

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sun Sep 16 04:54:44 UTC 2007

Kevin Hulse wrote:

> 	One of the bigger multi-directional "butterfly" antennas is about the size
> of a movie theatre one sheet. I was thinking of just taking one of those antennas and 
> putting a movie poster across it (dry mounted mebbe) and just hanging it up in the
> office wall.

Might work. Fewer rules against "Art" than against "Antennas", free
expression and all.

I wouldn't describe a bowtie antenna as "multi-directional" though.
Technically it is, as it's "more than one direction", but the pattern is
pretty much "bi-directional", at right angles to the long axis of the
metal (or "broadside on").

But "multi" could easily be confused with "omni", which a bowtie
definitely isn't.

OK, so I'm being picky, I just don't want all that time I spent studying
antenna design wasted :-)


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