[mythtv-users] Strange problem with mythweb flash streaming

IsmoT ismot at telemail.fi
Sat Sep 15 18:33:58 UTC 2007

On 09/15/2007 09:56 AM, IsmoT wrote:
>  I have svn 14467, and mythweb streaming acts strange.
>  If I press "play" on the mythweb's flash window, picture starts
>  noemally, but plays only about 2sec, and then starts from beginning.
>  This loop it does forever.
>  I accidentally found, that if I press flash window time slider with left
>  mouse button, and keep it pressed, video goes on normally. As soon as I
>  release mouse button, it starts to loop from beginning again.
>  I have tried two browsers (mozilla, IE7), two machines and I upgraded
>  flash player. No help.
>  Anybody has same problem?

Timing issue with the transcoding. "Sometimes" it works (depending on
your system, the "sometimes" may be a very, very small (i.e. negligible)
percentage of the time). Proof of concept, though, so it will work
properly when it makes it into a release.

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Ok, so there is anything I can do right now to get it work?

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